I took a few days off from the car after spending most of Saturday media blasting. The only thing I did was lay a coat of primer on the control arms so they could go out to the machine shop and get new bushings installed.

I got them back today and tonight I slapped some Extreme Chassis Black from Eastwood on them. I should mention I used their Rust Encapsulator as a primer. Even though the control arms had been blasted I wanted to make sure I had good products covering them just in case I missed anything. I’m really impressed with both products from Eastwood. The Rust Encapsulator dries super quick which makes multiple coats a quick and easy job. I do wish the product went a little bit further though. I used about one and and a half cans to do the control arms, steering linkage, sway bar, battery tray and 3 bumper brackets. It sounds like a lot, but all of those parts do not have a lot of surface area.

The Chassis Black is also a very good product. It goes on very nice and thick and coats very well. The look is so good, not too shiny. My only gripe about this product is that it takes forever to dry! I don’t plan on touching the parts for several days so they should be nice and solid when I go to put them in. Once everything is back together it will all get another coat of Chassis Black.

This weekend we’ll be blasting and painting the frame so I can start putting things back together next week.

IMG_3574 IMG_3575

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