Woohoo! What a day! We started a little earlier today because we thought it would take some time to get the car out of the shop and set up for blasting. We decided the best way to do it was to chain it to the hitch on dad’s truck. We started by backing the car out figuring that if things shifted or needed to be shifted it would be better to do it before it was blasted and painted. After a couple of starts and stops we got it out of the shop.

Then it was time to start blasting! Again it took a couple of starts and stops to get going. The side of the inline air/oil separator split and was causing the line to leak which meant I had no pressure in my pot. Once we got that all straightened out things went smooth. Below is a shot of the blasting set up. Yep, thats me in there working away.


After blasting and cleaning up I laid some Rust Encapsulator and Chassis Black before we drug her back into the shop. Here’s some photos of that whole process. At the bottom is a before and after comparison. I’ll start reassembling things this next week.

IMG_3449 IMG_3580 IMG_3582 IMG_3583

IMG_3596 IMG_3599 IMG_3604 IMG_3445 IMG_3598

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