Hot August Nights had their Fall Frenzy show yesterday. The weather was less than desirable so there weren’t a lot of cars there, but it was a decent show for this time of year. Enjoy the photos!

img_0875 img_0876 img_0878 img_0884 img_0886 img_0887 img_0888 img_0889 img_0890 img_0891 img_0898 img_0899 img_0901 img_0903 img_0909 img_0912 img_0914 img_0916 img_0921 img_0922 img_0923 img_0925 img_0929 img_0930 img_0932 img_0934 img_0935 img_0936 img_0937 img_0941 img_0942 img_0943

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