Two years?! Yes, sadly it has been two whole years since I have updated this blog and almost as long since I have touched the car. So what the hell happened? Well, life happened – and a lot of it. I won’t bore you with my sob story, but the good news is that things are looking up and most importantly I have been working on the car again!

Where I Left Off

So when I stopped working on the car back in 2014 I had just got the car back from having all of the bodywork done. Here’s some more pictures of all that work.

img_4150 img_4153 img_4151 img_4149 img_4154 img_4152 img_4163

This was the state of things when everything came back. Tom called this a “first primer”, which means it’s a high build filler primer. When I left his place he said the longer it sat and shrank up, the better it would be. I’m sure 2+ years is not what he had in mind!

img_4178 img_4179 img_4188 img_4189 img_4190 img_4191 img_4184 img_4185 img_4186 img_4187 img_4181 img_4182 img_4180

That’s a quick update on where the car was. I’ll post soon with the recent work I have done. I hope you enjoyed this eye candy update!

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