I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been busy working on the car. I decided in April I was going to switch the car over from the original 6 volt positive ground electrical system to a modern 12 volt negative ground system. This involved changing out the generator for an alternator, new 12v regulator, new 12v battery, new coil and Pertronix electronic ignition, as well as all the lamps on the entire car.

After doing all of that the car wouldn’t start because the Bendix on the old 6v starter couldn’t handle the juice from the new 12v system. After looking around Reno for a rebuilder I decided to contact Vern Davidson of http://fordflathead.com. He built me a new 12v starter (see below) and I popped that thing in, but still no luck. The car just would not start. Feeling that everything was fine with the electrical system I started inspecting the fuel system. I started at the fuel pump. It was one of the old style pumps with the glass bowl on it. All along I thought the bowl was full but upon closer inspection I discovered that the bowl was stained and not actually full of gasoline. I disconnected the flex line from the hard line and that was dry as well. I immediately ordered a new pump from NAPA, only to wait a week and find out they ordered the wrong pump and couldn’t get the right one! So it was another delay while I ordered one from Concours Parts.

That pump came in this past weekend so today I ran down to the car and slapped that thing in, along with a new flex line. I also replaced about 6 gallons of old gas with 4 gallons of new premium gas. After a little priming the car fired right up! Check out the video below.

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